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The business world is being flattened by economics, technology, demographics, and regulations. To win in this flattening world, companies must transform their way of working to seek and convert new opportunities wherever those opportunities may be. This means acquiring the ability to disaggregate your operations, people, and resources across time zones, geographies, cultures, and sourcing and delivering.

  • Audit & Compliance Services encompass practices that assess, evaluate, and ensure an organization's adherence to industry regulations, standards, and internal policies to mitigate risks, maintain security, and uphold operational integrity.

  • These services are crucial for meeting regulatory requirements, mitigating risks, safeguarding data, enhancing operational efficiency, and maintaining trust with customers and stakeholders.

  • RND Softech offers seasoned experts, comprehensive solutions, cutting-edge technology, and tailored approaches to address your organization's unique security and compliance needs effectively.

  • A Security Audit is a thorough assessment of an organization's IT systems and practices to identify vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and potential threats, helping enhance protection against cyber threats.

  • A Compliance Assessment evaluates an organization's adherence to industry regulations and internal policies, ensuring it operates within legal boundaries and follows best practices.

  • Disaster Recovery Audits assess an organization's readiness to respond to major disruptions, evaluating backup systems, recovery plans, and their effectiveness.

  • Access Control Audits evaluate an organization's mechanisms and protocols for regulating access to sensitive information and systems to ensure only authorized individuals have access.

  • Incident Response Audits assess an organization's preparedness and effectiveness in managing cybersecurity incidents, minimizing impact, and restoring normal operations.

  • Cloud Security and Compliance ensure that an organization's data and applications hosted in cloud environments are secure and compliant with relevant regulations, addressing access, encryption, and data residency.

  • RND Softech assists in documenting and demonstrating your organization's adherence to industry regulations and legal requirements, ensuring transparency and minimizing risks.

  • Asset Management Audits involve tracking and managing an organization's IT assets, ensuring accurate inventory management, reducing wastage, and enhancing security.

  • RND Softech evaluates your change management process to ensure changes to IT systems are properly documented, tested, and deployed to prevent disruptions and security risks.

  • RND Softech specializes in ensuring that your data and applications hosted in cloud environments are secure and compliant, addressing access controls, encryption, and data privacy requirements.

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RND Softech, is a 25 year old Pioneer Off-shore BPO staffing partner servicing the US , UK, Canada & Australian markets across 15+ Back office support domains.