Team Strength & Experience

The medical transcription team consisting of about 250 members have an above industry standard employee experience strength and relatively low attrition.

  • Average experience of Medical Transcriptionist is 6 to 7 years.
  • Average experience of Medical Editor is 10 to 15 years.

The team members are chosen for the job after rigorous language, skill and dexterity assessments, followed by English language, medical terminology and pedagogy, therapeutic and pharmacy training and on the job training. Upon successful completion, they are placed under senior medical transcriptionists for oversight and mentorship.

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RND Softech Pvt Ltd is a well-managed setup with a 250-strong proficient English-speaking team, that works 24/7, catering to a variety of time zones and multi-locational hospital networks.

Areas Of Transcription Expertise

When RND Softech thought of medical transcription as a business, we decided to get first hand information about the industry. We accomplished this with the help of two CMTs from the US, both with over 30 years of experience in the field. Training in medical science was through the services of a premier medical science and research institute. We are proud to say our transcriptionists are the best in the profession.

Our team of transcriptionists has expertise in transcribing all types of reports and letters in all the specialties in the medical field.

Quality and Security Control

Armed with ISO 9001 certification for medical transcription, the process and operations are HIPAA and ISMS guidelines compliant.

Turnaround Time and Accuracy Standards

RND Softech offers a consistent 99% accuracy in transcription and strives to attain notches higher by its continuous improvisation of processes and standards.

We offer an average turnaround time of 4 - 24 hours since download of raw data files. This would vary according to time zones and hugely beneficial to hospitals that have low tolerance limits in terms of its patient reports delivery.

Total Capacity of Transcription

At the given instance, we have a spare capacity of 10,000 lines per day that can be easily ramped up to 25,000 lines per day at short notice.
What We Can Offer And Benefits In Partnering With Us

Frequently Asked Questions

The business world is being flattened by economics, technology, demographics and regulations. To win in this flattening world, companies must transform their way of working to seek and convert new opportunities wherever those opportunities may be. This means acquiring the ability to disaggregate your operations, people and resources across time zones, geographies, cultures and sourcing and delivering.

  • Medical Transcription involves converting physicians' voice dictations into readable reports, following the process outlined below:

    1. Voice files are received from clients via platforms such as eScription, EMDAT, RND Softech's own platform (Express Navigator), etc.
    2. Jobs are automatically downloaded to the account specified Medical Language Specialist (MLS) from the client platform/the jobs are assigned to the account specified MLS for transcription.
    3. The assigned MLS transcribes the jobs and are submitted to the Quality Control (QC) department for thorough review.
    4. If needed, a third layer of review is conducted to address any remaining doubts or concerns.
    5. The completed jobs are uploaded directly to the client using their software, such as Genie, Gentu, Karisma, eScription, EMDAT, or sent via email, based on the client's requirements.
  • We offer cost-effective transcripts at 8 cents per line, providing dedicated medical transcriptionists for each client account.

    Our processes are HIPAA compliant, ensuring accuracy above 99% and the shortest turnaround time. We also offer customized services such as e-signature, fax/mail to referring doctors, and more.

    With extensive experience across platforms like Genie, Gentu, Karisma, EMDAT, and eScription, we provide a seamless multiplatform work process.

    With 25 years of transcription service experience, we have a team of 250 well- trained, in-house medical transcriptionists capable of producing 2 million lines per month. Our employees receive all statutory and some out of book benefits, fostering strong relationships and long-term partnerships with RND Softech.

    We cater to diverse clients, ranging from individual physicians to large tertiary hospitals, handling various work types, including History and Physical to Discharge Summary reports.

  • We offer high-quality reports at competitive prices, along with round-the-clock service.

  • RND Softech is an ISO 9001 certified organization that strictly adheres to the standards. We maintain a rigorous selection process, conducting tests and interviews to ensure quality. Our team undergoes comprehensive training by Certified Medical Transcriptionists (CMTs) and renowned doctors, boasting an average experience of 10 to 15 years. With round-the-clock availability throughout the year, our team works in all three shifts, ensuring continuous service. We have a robust recruitment team capable of quickly acquiring additional manpower, allowing us to scale up from 2 million to 5 million lines per month on short notice.

  • We implement a three-layered proofing process tailored to specific requirements, supported by a skilled quality team to eliminate errors. The performance and quality of both the MLS team and QC team are regularly assessed through a sampling grading process. These evaluations are linked to remuneration. Any errors identified by the QC team are promptly communicated to the MLS team to prevent future recurrences and ensure ongoing improvement in quality.

  • Our team of medical transcriptionists (MTs) works around the clock, catering to clients across all time zones. We offer flexible turnaround times ranging from 2 hours to 24 hours, depending on client requirements. Additionally, we provide 24-hour customer support, ensuring prompt assistance and uninterrupted service.

  • For clients in Australia, our pricing starts at 8 cents per line, while for clients in the United States of America, our pricing begins at 7 cents per line.

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Testimonials Images
RND Softech, is a 25 year old Pioneer Off-shore BPO staffing partner servicing the US , UK, Canada & Australian markets across 15+ Back office support domains.