Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

RND Softech Private Limited stands as a prominent figure in the realm of business process outsourcing. This organization has been a trailblazer in introducing and implementing adaptable global business practices, which have now become instrumental in enhancing operational efficiency and add value for companies.

RND Softech remains committed to providing exceptional services through meticulously trained professionals who deliver high-quality solutions to the markets of the United States, Canada, and Australia.
Its unique business model centers around facility-based work environments, which ensures unwavering dedication to the clients.Every facet of the work is conducted in-house, fostering seamless communication and agile adaptation to evolving customer demands.

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Our HR Services

Our capability in HR services will act as a tool at your disposal helping achieve better results in employee screening, interview scheduling, hiring, back-end HR tasks including background verification. We have the resources to take care of services involving both voice & non-voice.

Due to the ever changing dynamics of the business world and competitive environment, there is an unforeseen demand for qualified and competent resources at multiple levels. Through our services, you can focus more on your business challenges, and we shall take care of your resource requirements. Find below some of the services provided by us.

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Candidate Sourcing

  • The versatile HR team at RND Softech not only has expertise in hiring qualified and quality candidates but also has the rich experience to ensure the candidate is a right fit in terms of aptitude, work culture, and competence. We also have experience in completing the right checks before a candidate is on-boarded.

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Sourcing / Screening

  • Searching for and identifying potential candidates, and attracting talents are the first steps of the recruitment process. This can be time-consuming but one which determines the growth trajectory of the organization since the right talent for the right job ensures the right fit is hired. Our knowledge in this area of HR services over the last 2 decades has made us the pioneer in the industry as the go-to service provider for providing the right candidate at the right time, and organizations can focus on their core business challenges.

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Interview Scheduling

  • Efficient interview scheduling helps promote improved engagement and communication between the candidate and the corporate. This will make the whole process smooth, easy, and breezy. Scheduled interviews will ensure a stress-free approach of the candidates for the interview, helping them ace the interview. Our experience in this domain will help corporates to just seek our help for resource requirement, and our team of talented individuals would ensure talented individuals with the necessary qualification, skill, and experience are lined up for the interview. We are also capable of doing first-level evaluations if and as required depending on the needs of the organizations.

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Reference Checking

  • Reference checking is a process through which the accuracy of the information shared by the candidate through the resume/interview process, questionnaires, is verified with either the previous employer and institute where the candidate might have completed his studies. This will help understand patterns of behavior, core competencies, or any information which might help corporate to take an informed decision. Our experience in this aspect of HR service would benefit corporates in understanding that indeed the candidate hired is the right candidate.
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Background Verification

  • Background checks are a process through which individuals or organizations verify and investigate the personal records like criminal history, educational credentials, employment history, etc., of individuals before on-boarding them. This ensures the right candidate with no prior history is hired for the job. Through these checks, we will be able to make sure about the criminal history, highest educational qualification, and last employment history of the individuals.

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  • Documenting details of a newly hired candidate is very vital and varies from each role; however, maintaining documents, accurately inputting details of the individuals, creating a database of individuals, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements is very important. The purpose of these documents is to ensure new hires can read and understand terms of employment, responsibilities of their new role including legal forms if any. This is basically a data entry work and can be done by us well within the time and help organizations concentrate on job roles and skill sets.
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On-boarding / Induction

  • It is a known secret that organizations which invest time and resource in on-boarding programs of new hires are likely to retain qualified talents. This is a program designed to give clear objectives of the company, make new employees comfortable, and are better informed about their tasks & function, and make them feel motivated and satisfied with their decision to join which will drive them to accomplish. We can create tailor-made programs for corporates depending on their needs to achieve great success in employee turnover.

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Payroll Services

  • With changing government regulations across the globe and numerous compliance issues faced by companies handling payroll, the growing need for outsourcing payroll has seen an uptrend in recent years. As a payroll outsourcing company, we have the expertise to address the complex tax and statutory compliance issues while having the systems and processes to minimize any potential payroll errors. This will enable companies HR departments to focus on core activities like recruitment and employee engagement. By allowing us to do the payroll, a significant amount of time is saved for the companies thereby allowing optimization of internal resources allotted to the process. With payroll being a sensitive area within an organization, internal leakages are minimized.
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Employer of Record Services (EoR)

  • While every corporate wishes to have a global presence, sometimes they are not accomplished considering the cost and time required to set up an entity which is also legally compliant. This is where RND soft's EoR services come to your rescue. Our experience and expertise and an in-depth knowledge of ever-changing and state-specific legal legislation in our country shall directly benefit you wherein your focus, time, and energy are always driven towards business requirements and the rest of the challenges in setting up the entity, legal compliances, facilitating employment contracts, running payroll and employee benefits are taken care of by us on your behalf freeing up your time to focus solely and fully on business demands. Expansion is both demanding and challenging, but worth doing considering the plethora of advantages that bring in.With over 25 years of experience in managing different verticals across India and our transparent fee structure, RND Softech can benefit you with very personal and quality services to meet client-specific requirements.

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