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Business Transcription

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Business Transcription!

We specialize in all types of business transcription services. Rndsoft has been a leading provider of business transcription services for the two years. Rndsoft delivers consistent, accurate business transcripts on time, in any format you need, and at an extremely competitive price. Business transcriptions can easily overload your staff and make their workload seem endless. Do not let your office fall behind on more important duties. By using our business transcription services, you will not only save money, you will create a more productive atmosphere for your employees.

  • Fast Accurate Transcripts

  • No special equipment costs

  • Accept most audio formats

  • Reasonable Rates & Turnaround

  • Interview, Focus groups, Conferences

  • Seminars, Meetings, Investigations

Services for Focus Groups / Interviews!

We transcribe your standard, micro cassette or mini cassette tapes. Transcripts can be saved to disk, transported via email and/or a hard copy created.

Speakers / Moderators / Authors!

Recorded talks, speeches, lectures and/or interviews are quickly transcribed to your specifications. Select from three methods of return: disk, email and/or hard copy.

Services of Teleseminars / Insurance Cases!

We prepare a verbatim record of teleconferences for meetings, permanent records and distribution to meeting attendees. Insurance and claims processing interviews are also transcribed to client specifications.

Services for Books / Dissertations!

Writers spend a lot of time developing ideas. An easy way to collect your thoughts is to record them on paper, tape recorder or digitally. We can transcribe all formats and return your ideas via email, hard copy or on disk.

Services for Police and Fire Departments!

Confidential taped interviews, reports, wire taps, witness / suspect statements, traffic reports and other confidential conversations are transcribed to specifications. Work is returned via encrypted, secured email, FTP, US mail or overnight delivery.

Accident report Transcription!

Accident Report Transcription is the transcription related to the preparation of an accident report. This accident report is a brief report of how an accident occurred and what its aftermaths have been. Insurance company needs such an accident report, as a part of their insurance investigation procedures.

Claims report Transcription!

Claims report transcription is a part of insurance transcription. While Insurance Transcription refers to all the transcription work related to the insurance industry, Claims report transcription is the transcription for claims report that Insurance adjuster officials need to prepare before settling for a claim i.e. final amount that the adjuster thinks is suitable for the company to pay to the insurer.

Educational Transcription!

Educational Transcription refers to the transcription of lectures, seminars, discussions etc. held in institutes and universities. The transcription is used for educational purposes and hence the name ’Educational Transcription.

Focus Group Transcription!

A Focus Group Transcription involves the transcription of audio/video recording of a focus group session. These sessions are important means to gauge the prevalent mood of the market and to get initial reactions to a new product or service that is about to be launched.A focus group is basically a tool used by market research firms. It is similar to an interview except that the there is a single interviewer and many interviewees. A focus group is organized by a marketing research firm by bringing together about 6 to 10 people under one roof, at one time and inviting responses from them for questions pertaining to design, utility or anything about the product that matters.

Interview Transcription!


Vital information recorded during Interviews ought to be documented for analysis purposes. Recoding and transcribing the interview sessions are done with extreme care with specific formatting guidelines.

Media Transcription!

We provide transcription service to Television Media Production companies, Documentary producers, independent Content producers, Media consultants and numerous associated Media professionals

Police Report Transcription!

Police Report Transcription refers to the transcription work involved in the creation of a police report. The Police Report transcripts find their use in justice delivery mechanisms and litigation. It is also one of the most important requisites in the process of Insurance adjustment, investigation and claims settlement, especially in cases requiring police intervention.

Real Estate Transcription!

Real Estate Transcription refers to the transcription work related to the real estate industry. There is no specific type of transcription that finds prominence in this sector as it can include various types ranging from general back office transcription of recorded construction site notes to legal recordings pertaining to real estate deals

Research Transcription!

Research Transcription involves the transcription of research interviews, focus groups and other kinds of recorded interactions between experts or between researchers and their subjects .These interactions act as reference materials for research and are primarily used by university based professors and lecturers. Other than interviews and discussions, there are numerous other recorded interactions which have to be transcribed to assist research efforts. Research Transcription is also used by people to transcribe interview recordings for preparation of an impending speech to be delivered.

Technical Transcription!

Technical Transcription is the transcription of recordings of technical discussions, interviews, focus group sessions, footage of events of scientific importance etc. It differentiates itself from other forms of transcription by the technical nature of recorded content that needs to be transcribed. We provide technical transcription to software, chemical, pharmacy, electronics, market research, advertising agencies, etc.