Types of image annotation

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Sectioning semantically

  • Enables pixel-level annotation, which is necessary for tasks like image segmentation and scene interpretation. It does this by dividing images into discrete classes or categories

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Polygon labeling

  • Provides a precise and thorough outline of a variety of shaped objects, making it ideal for applications that need to draw complex item shapes.
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Crucial-point annotation

  • Facilitates activities like position estimation and facial recognition by enabling accurate localization of key spots on objects.

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Boxes with boundaries

  • Bounding boxes are great for tasks involving object detection because they accurately delineate things of interest in an image.

Why should you outsource RND Softech's image annotation services?

  • Access to specialized expertise in image annotation techniques.

  • Cost-effectiveness compared to in-house hiring and training.

  • Scalability to handle varying workloads efficiently

  • Flexibility to adapt to evolving project requirements.

  • Faster turnaround times due to dedicated teams.

  • Focus on core competencies while delegating annotation tasks.

  • Quality assurance measures implemented by experienced providers.

  • Integration with existing workflows and technologies.

  • Reduced administrative burden associated with managing in-house teams.

  • Mitigation of risks related to data security and compliance.

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