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RND offers a robust package of benefits that are comprehensive and competitive within our industry.

We believe that our strength lies in our people. We believe that people are our assets and it is people who will ensure or success. Our business environment is dynamic, typified by a high degree of competition and rapid technological advances. Success in such a situation demands that we continuously challenge ourselves to higher levels of individual and collective performance. Toward this, we aim to provide an enabling and positive environment that will motivate our employees and facilitate achievement and maintenance of superior levels of performance. We believe in furthering the development of the person as a whole. A person? professional skills and knowledge are emphasized by his personal and emotional well being. We strive to provide a climate that nurtures the holistic development of our employees. Here is a summary description of our existing benefits package:HEALTH CARE

Medical Insurance!

RNDSoft provides comprehensive medical benefits to its employees. The Premiums of these coverage are paid by the company. The Medical Insurance coverage includes maternity benefit for spouse also.

Nagarik Suraksha!

The Employee referral scheme is implemented to encourage employees to refer friends and relatives for employment at RNDSoft.

Employee Referral scheme!

We value the highest ethical standards in our work culture. Loyalty and commitment is rewarded at all levels.

Maternity Leave!

Maternity leave is for a period of 84 days which is exclusive of intervening Sundays, and inclusive of other holidays.

Paternity Leave!

Paternity leave is for period of 6 days which is exclusive of intervening Sundays, and inclusive of other holidays.