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    International Call Center
    Business Transcription
    Inventory Transcription
    Medical Transcription
    IT Services
    Software Development
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International Voice & Non Voice Process

Staffing solution, billing and claims process

Medical Transcription

Physician Groups , MTSO and Individual Physician

Business Transcription

Fast Accurate Transcripts ,No special equipment costs and Accept most audio formats


Supporting back office activities of Finance and Accounting, payroll, etc.

Data Entry

Exclusive and highly accurate data entry services

IT Services

Our IT Service are designed to help clients benefit from our objective and consultative approach

Software Development

Offshore software development service. Workflow Management Applications. Ecommerce Websites


Quality Policy

Our aim is to achieve, sustain, and enhance customer satisfaction and ensure to meet all applicable requirement by continually improving the effectiveness of quality management system through teamwork and involvement of all members of our organization

System Approach

We identify every possible opportunity to measure, monitor, evaluate, and correct wherever and whenever necessary. Our feedback mechanism helps in increasing efficiency and reducing defects.

Quality Assessment

By making quality a company priority, an organizational imperative and a personal ethic, RND constantly strives to improve itself. At RND, we combine accuracy with an intense degree of fact-checking. We have a clear understanding of the importance of quality and commitment to deadlines.

ISO Certification

Rndsoft is the world's first ISO certified company for generation and transmission of transcripts to healthcare facilities. In pursuance of progressive excellence Rndsoft upgraded to ISO 9001:2008.

Happy Customers


"We would highly recommend Rndsoft to any company looking for hard - working, quick - learning individuals who understand the complicated world of DME. Rndsoft’s assistance has aided us in decreasing our Days Sales Outstanding and increasing our Collections considerably. We view Rndsoft as more than just a partner ... they are an extension of our teams and we look forward to expanding with them for years to come.!"

Emmet Seibels

"We began utilizing Rndsoft to grow the backend of our business. Rndsoft performs a variety of necessary functions for us including preauthorization, Medicare compliance, and documentation review. Their work is clear, concise, accurate, and on time.We would not be able to expand cost effectively without a company like Rndsoft!"

Priti Vasa

"RND has been excellent, taking control of my HME office work!" "We are live with them 5 days a week 9-5 They have full control and access of every resource available "

Robert Horowitz,

RndSoftech - preferred staffing solutions!


3 continents Since 1999 24/7 100% in-house