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IT Infrastructure!

Rndsoft has built a state of the art infrastructure for its business. Our network is built with IBM Servers, Cisco Routers, Cisco VPN Concentrator, 3Com switches, Microsoft Windows and Redhat Linux based servers. We provide wide range of web based services to our customers.

HIPAA at Rndsoft (Request white paper on HIPAA)!

Rndsoft is an organization, which cares for human values. We respect the customers privacy and are committed to preserving the confidentiality of information entrusted to us. We follow meticulously any statutory or regulatory requirements of governments. Every aspect on confidentiality has been scrutinized at Rndsoft and we have a white paper on implementation of HIPAA, which is available to customers on request.

Information Security!

We know, security is not a fix-and-forget task; its highly dynamic. We follow British Standards BS 7799 as our Information Security Management system. Systems and procedures based network administration help us to keep up your information secure. Security in Rndsoft is to regular audit where we conduct periodic security audits by in-house network engineers and as well as third party auditors.

Security policy!

Rndsoft's attitude towards security is extremely stringent since the internet is an inevitable part of our business. We follow the British standard BS 7799 Information Security Management System guidelines. We have written down procedures and processes to maintain security of Information. We have experienced information security team to tackle Hackers and have state of the art facilities to avoid virus.

Business continuity planning!

High availability information systems are the key for a business. Business continuity is well documented and strictly followed and periodically audited. All activities are checklist driven. We have invested in high availability servers, redundant service arrangements, redundant internet connectivity and distributed network architecture in order to protect ourselves from the data loss.

Rndsoft has a white paper on Business continuity, which is also available to customers on request.