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Quality Assessment

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Quality Assessment!

By making quality a company priority, an organizational imperative and a personal ethic, RND constantly strives to improve itself. At RND, we combine accuracy with an intense degree of fact-checking. We have a clear understanding of the importance of quality and commitment to deadlines.

RND has an independent QA department that monitors quality and ensures there is advancing learning, quality improvement and knowledge exchange to improve results. This department implements a rigorous system of quality assurance checks because of which RND is able to offer superior quality transcription and customer service.

The Quality Assessment Department conducts daily quality audits. Our quality systems are ISO driven and all of our internal reviewing, editing and QA standards are determined by the AAMT Book of Style. However we will also customize to your requirements.

Some of the comprehensive tools we use:

  • Use of customized dictionaries

  • Maintenance of client supplied templates, standards, etc.

  • Advanced, secure technology for accessing, retrieving and distributing of voice files

  • Internal QA measurement and monitoring processes

  • Clearly defined quality standards and processes

  • Our service is HIPAA compliant