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Privacy policy Please find below the latest RND Soft Privacy policy

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Privacy policy!

RndSoft Pvt Ltd understands how vital the personal information is and always ensures to protect and safeguard the customer’s personal information always as its fundamental principle of our business and responsibility. In line with this, RndSoft Pvt Ltd herewith has described the Personal Information Protection Policy below which is established as well as understood clearly by its officers, employees and business owners and is fully compliant with the policy.

Collection and Usage of Personal Information

  • Collection of personal information shall be done only after the consent from the customers after informing the reason for doing so, except when customers & third parties rights or interests may be damaged. The information collected shall be used only within the limited scope
  • RndSoft Pvt Ltd shall not provide the collected personal information to any third parties without getting any prior consent from the customers, except when required by law

Disclosure, Correction & Discontinuance of Use of Personal Information

  • All requests for Disclosure, Correction & Discontinuance of use shall be accommodated by RndSoft Pvt Ltd quickly within the scope

Security Measures Implementation

  • RndSoft Pvt Ltd executes safeguard measures and carefully works towards prevention of unauthorised access, loss, destruction, alteration or leakage of personal information. Distinct rules governing appropriate handling and usage of personal information are setup and appropriate responsibility is taken from there by the assigned staff

Practice of Laws & Regulations in connection with Personal Information

  • In line of practicing the laws and regulations which are in connection with personal information, RndSoft Pvt Ltd ’s officers, employees & business owners act in accordance with the laws and regulations and recommendations in safeguarding the personal information.

Continuous improvements for Personal Information Protection Policy

  • We at RndSoft Pvt Ltd take all measures to continuously improvise the handling of Personal Information via in-house rules and ensure complete protection

Compliance with HIPAA & GDPR

  • RndSoft Pvt Ltd complies with HIPAA Act 1996 & GDPR regulations

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