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Legal Transcription!

Rndsoft provides legal transcriptions of audiotapes for attorneys from United States . Our legal transcriptions services are quality-controlled service. Our service will free your highly skilled, trained and paid staff giving them other important responsibilities that they can concentrate their efforts on more important and cost-effective responsibilities of your company. In addition to these we also provide the following services:

General Correspondence- letters to clients, other attorneys, judges, court clerks, agencies- Legal pleadings-Interrogatories-Bankruptcies-Real estate-Subpoenas-briefs-Court Proceedings- Trials-Wire Taps.

  • Same Day Turnaround is available for emergency documents.

  • Customized Internet Servers

  • Deposition Summaries and Police Reports By

  • Security-Rated Employees

  • Transcription Of Meetings, Interviews, Internal Affairs and Investigations

Legal Transcription services online

So if you require quality legal transcription at an affordable cost Rndsoft can be your partner in legal transcription profession. Rndsoft provides legal transcription services using your video and audiotapes and legal digital transcription services using your digital voice recordings. Every data's can be transferred to us via Internet your transcribed data's will be delivered right in your desktop via Internet. Your legal files are totally protected and secure as they are sent to and from us on our secure server. We give you a personal code and password, which enables you to access and retrieve your files at any time

For security, we keep all your transcribed files on our system for an entire year, so that you can easily look up files that may have accidentally been misplaced in your office. Digital legal transcription gives you faster turn-around time as well, eliminating the time and expense of transport and mailing of tapes. We can transport files in any format that you need, i.e. DSS, WAV files or MP3. You can also send your recorded voice or data's from your computer, and upload the voice file to us via the Internet.

Legal Transcription Service Users

The main users of these services are attorneys and law firms, courts, public defenders' and prosecutors' offices, public utility companies, publicly funded legal service projects and community legal service programmes. The other users would be corporate legal departments, insurance companies, financial institutions, real estate and title agencies, state and federal government agencies. These users would be largely benefited because of lower cost rate available for the Legal Transcription service in India.

The Legal Transcription work may include drafting and filing legal documents, calendaring and tracking important deadlines, assisting attorneys to prepare for trials, documenting relevant facts and information pertaining to a lawsuit, using computers and related software and other reference material to research and document law and to prepare the documents used. Legal transcriptionists can become so proficient that they can actually undertake paralegal duties as well.