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IT Services

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IT Staffing Solution

People make a real difference in every company’s success. At RND, our technology staffing solutions are designed to help clients benefit from our objective and consultative approach. This approach includes finding the right people for the right roles and starting them off on the right foot. Our team builds bridges between management and staff based on trust, integrity , and loyalty by paying attention to even the smallest of details.

Expertise your IT department needs

Developing modern IT systems using networked heterogeneous elements. Web-based access techniques, including scaling to meet variable and increasing loads. Operating large-scale systems, and knowledge of elements of their design that allow robust, continuous operation. Working with digital media and file formats, including content searching; and security.

24/7 Support team

At Rnd Tech Support, we’re committed to your complete satisfaction. Our FREE, 24/7 Tech Support hotline is a trusted resource for customers just like you. Rely on us for support before, during, or after the office hours. Our Tech Support experts are here to answer your questions.

IT Managed Services

Rnd offers procedures and programs that periodically review your IT systems, error logs, and user Tickets. Moreover, checklists are created based on your requirements to monitor servers, databases, web portals and other activities in an efficient manner.

IT Monitoring Services

We identify problems before they become an issue. We continuously monitor your network, checking your back-up logs, Firewall status, service packs, security updates, and our pro-active support check on network usage and best practices.

IT support and strategy

We don’t believe one solution fit for all organization. We are different RND listen to your needs and implement custom technology solutions that save time, drive profit and let you focus on the things that make your business successful.

Benefits of OutSourcing Co-Sourcing

Free Trial for One Month

Yes, really! We provided free service for the first month. There is no cost for the first month if you okay with our performance then pay.

Rapid ROI

The reduced operational expense and thus rapid ROI.

Increased Productivity

The ability to free up staff for more productive and strategic activities.


Increased visibility of managed resources.

Call Connect Fix (CCF)

Our goal is to respond immediately to user based requirements and fix them on the first call to the service desk.

24 x 7 x 365 based service desk

Our service desk is available in 24x7x365 and you have one number to call for all your IT requirements.

24 x 7 x 365 Monitoring and maintenance

We identify issues and perform real-time maintenance to ensure fewer issues and faster response times.

24 x 7 x 365 NOC

Our Network Operation Center has more than 300+ Mbps uninterrupted bandwidth in 5 different ISP.

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We will provide Remote support and Remote management for your office workstations, hosting, email, applications, security and IT ongoing maintenance.

Technical Support

Remote monitoring for real-time performance visibility

Performance Analyzing

Remote IT support and problem-solving.

Technical Voice Support

We can manage and monitor all your computers, phones, servers, firewall taking care of OS updates, malware scans, software updates, backups, and remote support.

Managed Workstations

Our staff has the necessary experience and knowledge to eliminate IT-related threats before they become problems.

Proactive Maintenance

Our peer-to-peer engineering relationships, all combine to transform businesses.

Ticket handling

We will run a scan of your network and connected computers for any vulnerabilities, missing patches, a security issue and help you to implement new security policies and procedures if required.

Security Audits

We analyze your needs and provide you with a customized solution: fast and reliable.

IT solutions

Our Expertise

RndSoftech - preferred staffing solutions!


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