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Contact center

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Contact center!

Rnd Softech’s Contact Center Services touch many industries in the likes of Healthcare, Legal, Finance and Accounts, Order Management, Real Estate, Inventory, Telecom, Insurance, and Customer Support. We help our Clients to improve their business performance by adding value to every customer and making the service available in unique and faster means. We focus mainly on adding value to the business rather than just saving costs.

We offer both Voice and Non-Voice Support in the following industries and business functions:

After Hours Answering Service:

  • We are there for your customers when you can’t be there

  • We will be the face and voice of your company for your customer

  • You will never miss customers calls EVER

  • We will follow your script and protocol

Call Service:

  • Schedule Appointments – All industries

  • Seminar / Training Booking

  • Subscription Renewals

  • RSVP for all kinds of events

  • TPayment Follow-up


  • Order Entry

  • Order Processing

  • Catalog Orders

  • Benefits / Holiday Administration

  • Customer Support

  • Verification

  • All types of Documentation

  • Payment Processing

Surveys and Feedback:

  • Customer Loyalty

  • Market Research

Data Conversion:

We offer all these services through multiple channels of communication, be it over call, e-mail, letter or any other means. We have an edge on infrastructure and manpower which enables us to start any process in minimal time. Our business model of facility based work environment helps us maintain our commitment to our clients. Our work is 100% in-house, thus ensuring effective communication and implementation of changing customer needs.

This will help you to :

  • Reduce Operational Expenses

  • Improve Process Efficiency and Performance

  • Transform the way you have done business earlier

  • Better Customer Experience and Satisfaction

  • Improve Sales and Professional Image

  • Retain Customers

  • Never miss Customers Calls

If you require any other service which is not listed above, please let us know and we can explore the options more specifically pertaining to your business needs.